For Food Brands

Are you a natural food brand? 

We help you make money with commercial videos and print on demand merchandise. 

We'll make you a commercial that: 

  • Tells your story in an engaging way.
  • Communicates the benefits of a healthier product memorably. 
  • Has several use cases and has a long usage life. 
  • Meets your audience where they are - traditional format or vertical. 


Commercial Case Study - Silcafe Coffee 

Silca Coffee Roasting Company wanted a commercial that could be used for social media and YouTube, to promote a specific product. They also wanted something that could be used on their online store - they had a lot of goals. 

Their major concerns: 

  • Cost - most of the quotations they had received had some sticker shock. It was hard to justify cost on what some agencies were charging. They also weren't sure about going with freelancers to save money. 
  • Video longevity - they had made a video before, but it became outdated quickly. 

Our solutions: 

  • Design a video that makes more money. We focus on how the video can have more uses to make more money. The writing phase is critical - how can we tell a story that can be cut into sections for awareness and re-targetting for conversion? 
  • Understand the biggest costs and get creative. We write something creative that will reduce the biggest costs, like location. We shot the Silcafe commercial in one location, but it communicates a few different locations. 
  • Address longer term goals. We talk about longer term goals and incorporate them into the story, so that the video is both timeless and achieves more goals. In the case of Silcafe, it will be used for future export markets as well. 

Full commercial and specific cuts available upon request. Email us at fashionabledumpling @ to setup a call. 


Why Fashionable Dumpling Productions? 

  • Specialized in food brands. I have expertise on where the brand is coming from - I worked in CPG for 9 years, from manufacturing to DTC e-commerce. I ran paid social ads myself for a few years and understand the marketing funnel. 
  • Women owned. I saw a gap in the market as most video production companies out there had mostly a male perspective. Most (especially food) buying decisions are made by women, so having a female perspective in the creation is incredibly helpful. 
  • Utilizing Hollywood best practices. We're based in Hollywood, with manufacturing roots in Asia. Our talented teams of writers, directors, actors, set designers and work on your favorite shows and films. I curate the brands we work with - these talented people are happy to work with impactful brands.  



      We can make you physical and digital merchandise. 

      We love designing merchandise and activity books for Fashionable Dumpling - and can help you have additional products to sell to your audience and brand fans too.

      We design and execute merchandise and a cookbook for your audience. Use these products for additional revenue and to promote loyalty amongst your fans.

      The best part? No upfront inventory costs or stocking costs - everything is print on demand. 


      Let's chat to see how we can work together. 

      Please email fashionabledumpling @ gmail .com to setup a call. 

      We believe in you, and that your food brand helps people live healthier, happier lives where food can be thy medicine - my personal mantra. 


      Talk soon,