Hello! I'm Carolyn. 


I love food and travel. I grew up in Bellevue, WA and Manila, Philippines.

I'm an actor in LA, and when I'm not acting, I produce commercials for food brands and design the lovely merchandise in this store. 

I went to International School Manila, and one of my favorite memories in elementary school was International Day.

Many of my classmates' parents were diplomats, or worked for large multinational companies, or development banks, so on International Day, my classmates and I would go to school in our national costumes and our parents would bring home cooked food from our home countries. 

In first grade, this is how I first tasted kim-bap, from Oum-Ji's mom, or a samosa from Aditi's parents. 

I believe that we can can learn about people and places best through food, and it has the power to unite us.




P.S. Other fun facts - I like yoga and writing. I danced ballet for a long time. I went to USC and my favorite foods are sushi, pasta and clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.