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What is Filipino Food? Filipino Food to Cook at Home

Filipino food is a diverse and flavorful cuisine that reflects the country's rich history and culture - it’s had a history of colonizers from Spain to America. 

It is influenced by the cuisines of Spain, China, America, and the indigenous peoples of the Philippines. 

Filipino dishes are typically characterized by their use of fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and a variety of cooking techniques.

It’s not usually spicy, and though very tasty and flavorful. On average, the Filipino diet is not very healthy compared with other Asian cuisines due to lots of use of frying, deep frying, carbs and sweets - delicious :) 

Popular Filipino Foods: 


A chicken or pork stew braised in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and black peppercorns. Incredibly tasty and easy to make at home. Even kids will eat it! 

Filipino Chicken Adobo

Photo Image - Food Network Recipe courtesy of Corinne Domingo 


A sour soup made with tamarind, meat, seafood, and vegetables. A great low fat and healthy option with lots of vegetables. 

Filipino Sinigang

Image and Recipe at Kawaling Pinoy


A noodle dish stir-fried with vegetables and meat or seafood. Always eaten on birthdays. 

Filipino Pancit Noodles

Image and Recipe - Life's Ambrosia 


Spring rolls filled with vegetables, meat, or seafood. Fried and eaten with banana ketchup. 

Filipino Lumpia

Image and Recipe from Manila Spoon 


A whole roasted pig. Popular for special occasions like weddings, milestone birthdays and such. (FYI Incredibly difficult to make at home, but you can make a version at home, called Lechon Kawali meaning Lechon pan) 

Philippine lechon roll

Image and recipe, Pork Belly Lechon Roll from Kawaling Pinoy

Kare-kare: (CAR EH CAR EH)

A stew made with oxtail, vegetables, and peanut sauce. 

Kare Kare Filipino

Image and Kare Kare Recipe from Foxy Folksy 


A sizzling dish made with chopped pork, onions, and chili peppers.

Philippine sisig

Image and Sisig Recipe from Eat with Carmen 

Filipino Style Spaghetti

Traditional spaghetti, known to have some sugar in it. And hotdogs. 

Filipino Spaghetti

Image and Recipe from Love, Filipino Food 

Note: Filipino food is typically served with white rice, which is the staple food of the Philippines. Rice is often used to soak up the sauces and broths from the main dishes.

Filipinos also love sweets...

Popular Filipino Desserts: 


A shaved ice dessert topped with milk, sweet beans, fruits, and other toppings.

Halo halo

Image and Halo Halo Recipe from the Little Epicurean

Leche flan

A custard dessert made with milk, eggs, and sugar. I like this particular recipe because it's bear shaped. Filipinos love cute things. 

Bear Shape Leche Flan

Image and Bear Shaped Leche Flan Recipe from Bites By Bianca 


A steamed rice cake made with rice flour and coconut milk.

Philippine Puto

Image and Recipe from Salu Salo 

Philippine Ice Cream

Formerly known as dirty ice cream because they are sold on carts on the street, it has a more politically correct name now, a sorbetero. The Philippines has some unique flavors like cheese, corn and mango. 

Philippine Mango Ice Cream

Image and Recipe from Simply Bakings



My Personal Favorite - Beef Tapa with Rice - The Ultimate Filipino Breakfast 

Filipino breakfast is quite indulgent - this is my favorite, a marinated beef pan fried and served with a fried egg with a runny yolk to break over your garlic rice. 

Filipino food is a delicious and unique cuisine that is sure to please everyone. If you have never tried Filipino food before, I highly recommend it!

Try Blogger/Chef Cafe Catalina's Beef Tapa Recipe


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