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Fashionable Dumpling

Cook and Color - Printable Family Travel Activity Packet - Alpha Testers Special

Cook and Color - Printable Family Travel Activity Packet - Alpha Testers Special

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Kids of all ages are always excited about food - with our Cook and Color Printable you can travel to another country with your family from the comfort (and savings) of your home! 

In this sample pack, you'll receive a trip to: The Philippines, Ireland and Argentina. 

Activity Packs include:

  • Coloring / drawing pages of the dishes from each culture 
  • Recipes (with easy mode options) 
  • 3 useful phrases
  • 3 useful facts 
  • A list of local fashion brands so you can learn what's fashionable in that culture (Argentina only, will be there in future iterations if you like it) 



  • Quality family time off screens - only food has that kind of power! 
  • Teach your kids life skill of cooking - over time, transform them into adults that can feed themselves! 
  • Build empathy in your kids for others not like them. 
  • Learn something new! 
  • Time saving. No need to search and curate these items yourself. 
  • Prepare kids for international travel - trips are expensive. These can serve as an intro to later plan a family trip based on your child's interest in a country. 

Delivery and Other Info

  • Coloring pages are recommended for kids ages 3+ 
  • Please note this is a digital product. You'll receive it immediately via email.
  • Print as many pages as you like or just print the coloring ones and read the recipes on your tablet or computer.
  • Please note packets aren't completely uniform. The Philippines packet was done first, then Ireland, and finally Argentina. We added features upon each iteration. 


Enjoy! What a fun way to spend a Saturday with the family! 

This is a special offer and will be taken down on April 15. With this special promotional price we ask that you please answer a follow-up survey of seven questions that will take approximately five minutes to answer.

This offer is unlisted on our site, and by invitation only. Please share with friends! 

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