9 Cool Check In Luggages Under $500

9 Cool Check In Luggages Under $500

When it comes to choosing luggage, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as durability, style, price, and features. If you're on a reasonable budget and want to travel in style, you're in the right place where you can find cool luggage that's affordable. 

When I buy luggage it says something about me as a person. I feel like I always see the same luggage at the airport - Tumi, Samsonite, Rimowa... they're all great, I love them, but I was curious about other options, so here they are... 

1. Away

Away is a newer luggage brand that has quickly become popular for its sleek designs and affordable prices. Away luggage is made with high-quality materials and features a number of innovative features, such as built-in power banks and TSA-approved locks.

Away Suitcase

Large Suitcase - $375.00

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2. Calpak

Calpak is is known for its stylish and sophisticated designs. Calpak luggage is made with high-quality materials, such as Italian leather and polycarbonate, and features a number of innovative features, such as expandable compartments and built-in organizers.

Calpak Luggage

Large Luggage - $275.00 

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3. Paravel 

An ultra chic and sustainable brand, they have options made from recycled polycarbonate, linings with fabrics with recycled materials, and handles made from recycled aircraft grade aluminum - all closing with a recycled zipper. Amazing considering how beautifully designed the pieces are. 

Paravel Luggage

Aviator Grand Large Luggage - $475.00 

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4. Monos 

A brand built on the philosophy that less is more and believes in timeless design. My favorite feature is the TSA approved built in lock. 

Monos Luggage

Check-In Large - $355.00  

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5. Level 8 

A hard case with a super unique design, this will definitely stand out on the baggage carousel. It also has a built in TSA lock as well. Comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Level 8 Luggage

30 inch Large Check-in - $349.99 

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6. Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is a luggage brand that is known for its durable and versatile luggage. Eagle Creek luggage is made with high-quality materials and features a number of innovative features, such as compression systems and water-resistant fabrics. Think REI and people that like adventure. 

Eagle Creek Luggage

36 inch Trunk - $489.99 

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7. Topos 

Definitely a unique design, "built to make one bag travel as easy as possible" - the ultimate dream really. Made with recycled materials and lots of compartments. 

Topos Designs

Global Roller Travel Bag - $299.00 

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8. Beis 

Founded by actress Shay Mitchell to make something chic and affordable, this luggage features include being stain resistant, expandable, having a weight indicator (wow), 360 degree wheels and a TSA lock. 


29 inch Large Roller - $328.00 

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9. July 

The coolest thing about this brand is you can personalize your luggage. It also comes in unique colors that will be easy to spot in a sea of black luggage. Designed in Melbourne, made for the world. 

July Luggage

Checked Plus - $345.00 

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So, which one would you buy?  

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